Wilmington College provides a limited number of apartments for recognized Greek Organizations in good standing. Greek housing is awarded biannually following the completion and results of the Greek Excellence Assessment. binder/e-binder. The top scoring organization will get first choice of available units. If a Greek organization chooses to forfeit their right to an apartment it will go to the next available group. Gender-inclusive apartments can be used between brother-sister organizations as needed.

Greek Organizations desiring Greek recognized apartments must complete and submit the Greek housing form listing membership to live in the apartment. One of the members obtaining housing will be identified as the house manager and will represent the Greek Organization with regards to all housing matters and concerns.

Greek Organizations and their membership receiving Greek recognized apartments must abide by all College housing rules and regulations. Violations of the Housing Policies may result in judicial action with the Greek Organization, including the loss of housing privileges. Residents of College-owned Greek Housing who have lost Greek housing privileges will be placed in other College housing based on availability and qualifications.

Greek organizations that own, lease, or rent off-campus property are required to submit annually to the Vice President, Chief Student Affairs Officer and the Housing Office appropriate proof, issued by local officials, that their house meets zoning, safety, and health regulations, and has proper insurance.

Campus Village/College Commons Apartments/Denver/Friends/Marble Halls

All campus Housing Policies apply to residents of the Campus Village/College Commons, but the policies below are applicable to the Campus Village/College Commons residents only.

Alcohol Policy

Pursuant to and consistent with the Alcohol Policy herein, only students of legal drinking age (21 and older) are permitted alcoholic beverages in the apartments. Underage students are held responsible to the federal, state and local statutes; resident students of legal drinking age may also face legal action for contribution to underage consumption.

  • Students of legal drinking age with alcohol should adhere to “reasonable consumption” quantities.
  • Kegs, party balls, bongs, etc. are not permitted at any time.
  • Students, and guests, of legal drinking age may not move around the residences or leave or enter apartments carrying open containers of alcohol. Open containers of alcohol in any common area, such as hallways, stairwells, porches, balconies, decks, back yards, or the courtyard are not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to cans, bottles, cups, etc.
  • Excessive alcohol violations can result in forfeiting one’s apartment and relocating back to traditional residence halls.


Residents are responsible for keeping balconies and porches neat and tidy at all times. Balconies are not to be used for storage or for hanging laundry. Flower pots or other articles are not to be left on windowsills, gutters, the roofs or edges of the balconies. Only College-approved balcony furniture is allowed on the balconies.

Barbecuing/Open Flame

Smokers, fire pits and deep fryers are strictly prohibited. Grills must be pulled out from under balconies and into the courtyard during use.

NOTE: According to Section 308.1.4 of the Ohio Revised Fire Code, the operation of a charcoal burner, or any other open-flame cooking device is prohibited on combustible decks and balconies. In addition, these devices shall not be used within 10 feet of combustible construction, which could include a nearby wall, overhang, patio fence, railing, or the deck above your own deck or patio.


It is critical that residents work to keep apartments in the best condition possible


All furniture must remain in the apartments. College property may not be removed from an apartment. Residents are welcome to arrange their bedroom and living room furniture. No rebuilding or remodeling of existing interior; no tacks or nails in the walls; double-sided tape is prohibited.

College property may not be removed from an apartment. Residents are welcome to arrange their bedroom and living room furniture.

Yard decorations and furniture are not allowed. Holiday decorations may be approved on a case-by-case basis. Please see the Housing Office for details.


Clotheslines or other devices are not to be installed on the exterior of the building. Additionally, items may not be temporarily or permanently affixed to exterior or interior doors of apartments.


Lofts are not allowed in campus housing, including apartments.

Meal Plan Options

  • Preferred Meal Plan
  • Preferred Plus Meal Plan
  • Carte Blanche or Block Plan

Parking Policy

All vehicles, including motorcycles, must be registered with Campus Safety and parked in a standard, zoned parking space. Motorcycles are not allowed on porches.

Property Damage

The residents of the apartment who caused the damage must pay expense or damage caused by stopped-up waste pipes, overflow of bathtubs, toilets, basins, or sinks. Students must pay for damage to their apartment or furnishings, other than normal wear.

Smoking of Tobacco

Smoking is prohibited in all residential facilities. The usage of hookahs is prohibited on campus.

Social Events Policy

Social events involving more than 8 people must have a “Social Event Permit” obtainable from WC@Home. The permit will be registered with the Preferred Housing Staff and Campus Safety 24 hours prior to the event. Signed permits must be displayed on the exterior door of the living unit. Residents are responsible for their guest’s behavior. State and local fire regulations prohibit occupancy (at one time) of any apartment by more than 16 people. Failure to obtain a permit will result in termination of the party and judicial action.


The student will not transfer his or her interest in the Housing Contract or sublet the apartment. Any student found to be subletting their apartment may lose their Preferred Housing privileges for that year and will lose the privilege for subsequent years.


Excessive trash in common areas will be assessed as damages to residents. Students who smoke should not throw cigarette butts into common areas.

Throwing Objects

Nothing shall be thrown or dropped by residents or guests from the windows, doors, balconies, or down passages of the building.

Wall Decorations

Residents may only use methods to hang items that do not result in damage to walls. Holiday light strands are not allowed as wall decorations due to damages that result. Please see the Housing Office for details.

Washers and Dryers

Washers and dryers located in apartments are to be used by the residents only. (Violation of this policy will result in the discontinuance of laundry facilities to those residents. Physical Plant will be able to monitor the utilities.)