Parking Policy

This defines the specific policies and regulations that apply to all faculty, staff, students and visitors operating vehicles on the Wilmington College campus.

Vehicle registration and the purchasing of permits was developed to organize and regulate campus traffic. Because of the limited availability of College parking space, it is necessary that we limit traffic in order to accommodate as many vehicles as possible.

These policies and regulations may be revised or amended as necessary. Any changes will be circulated through appropriate means of notification.

Wilmington College students and staff may operate motor vehicles on campus provided they are properly registered and parked in designated parking areas. Students and staff are required to purchase a permit if they desire to park their vehicle on College-owned property. Temporary and visitor permits are obtained free of charge from the Campus Safety office, located at the Boyd House on 588 Withrow Circle. Students bringing guests to the college are responsible for ensuring that the visitor secures a Visitor Parking Pass. Parking is on a first-come basis, with no guarantee of available space. All vehicles parked on College property must display a permit by 8AM on the Monday after the opening week of classes.

If you have an emergency situation or if you have a legitimate reason for which to request an exception to the established parking regulations, be sure to call the Campus Safety office to make appropriate arrangements. We will make every effort to help you determine an appropriate solution to your situation, and at the same time, avoid unnecessary tickets. The registrant of a motor vehicle is responsible for all violations incurred by that vehicle, regardless of who is operating it.

Fines on Campus

Fines for violating parking regulations may be paid at the Rydin website. Fines that are not paid will be automatically applied to the student’s account. Parking privileges may be revoked for repeated violations of parking policies.

Appeal of a Fine

Appeal of a fine may be made to the Campus Safety Office within 7 working days of the citation. Appeals made after this time will not be accepted. Appeal forms can be obtained from the One Stop Center. Appeals will be reviewed by the Campus Safety Director.


Wilmington College reserves the right to tow any vehicle that has repeat violations or is parked in a “No-Parking” zone. 

In the case of repeat offenders, a “boot” may be placed on the wheel of the car to immobilize it. DO NOT try to drive the car with the boot attached. An automatic charge of $25 will be assessed before the boot is removed. Each day that the boot remains on a vehicle, an additional $25 fine will be assessed. On the third day, the vehicle will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Non-Fee Registration

Students, faculty, or staff who intend to have a vehicle, but do not intend to park in the campus lots, still need to register their vehicle. This provides a ready means by which to determine vehicle ownership in the event of an emergency where a vehicle may need to be moved.

Permit Note

Tampering with, transferring, trading, or altering a permit in any way will result in a $50 fine and/or loss of campus parking privileges. All such incidents are considered to be fraudulent.

Temporary Parking Permits

Temporary permits will be issued by Campus Safety to guests of students who have purchased a parking permit and to offices on campus with expected visitors. A temporary permit may also be issued when the driver of a registered vehicle is driving another vehicle than the one registered. The Campus Safety Office can better accommodate guests/visitors if arrangements for parking are made prior to your guest’s arrival. Temporary permits must be placed on the dashboard.

Restricted Spaces

  • Handicapped Spaces
  • Visitor Spaces
  • Designated College/Company Spaces
  • Health Center Spaces
  • Admissions Spaces

No-Parking Zones

  • • Fire Lanes
  • No-Parking Zones
  • Sidewalks
  • Lawn Areas
  • Areas where access, traffic or other vehicles are blocked

Hours of Operation

Campus lots are for use by those with valid parking permits. Note: tickets may be issued 24/365. Visitor parking is available in College Hall and the Pyle lot.

Registering a Vehicle

If a student or college employee plans to park a vehicle in a college -owned lot, the following procedure should be followed:

  • Simply go to the website listed, register your vehicle, and purchase your permit. The fee is $100 for an annual permit or $60 for a semester permit. The annual permit is valid from August 1 through July 31. The semester permit is valid for the semester it is issued.
  • Attach the permit inside the windshield on the driver’s side, facing outward. The vehicle is not considered registered until the permit is in place.

Duplicate Registrations

In the event that two family members will have more than one vehicle on campus at the same time, each vehicle must have its own permit. This will require that an additional permit be purchased.

Change of Ownership and Vehicle Information

Visit the One Stop Center immediately upon change of ownership, purchase of a new vehicle, temporary vehicle on campus, change of license plate, or loss of permit. When a registered vehicle is sold or traded, the old decal should be removed.

Faculty/Staff and Visitor Parking Spaces

These spaces are reserved from 8AM-5PM. These areas have signs posted. No student vehicle is permitted to park in these spaces during regular business hours. Student lots are reserved during the academic year.

15-Minute Spaces

These zones are strictly monitored. College guests or special visitors may park in the 15-minute zones for more extended periods of time.

Faculty and Staff

When the number of violations indicates that the faculty/staff member is refusing to comply with the parking regulations, the Campus Safety Director will issue a notice to the faculty/staff member’s department head, and to the appropriate Vice President.

Wilmington College does not assume responsibility for any vehicle or its contents while it is parked on campus.

Parking Fines

  • Blocking a campus fire lane $100+Tow*
  • Parking in a designated disabled area $250+Tow*
  • Blocking an entrance or exit $75+Tow* • Blocking other vehicles $75+Tow*
  • Parking in a “No Parking” area $75
  • Using a stolen or borrowed permit $75
  • Unregistered vehicle/expired permit $75
  • Parking in a company or visitor parking area $75
  • Parking in a 15-minute loading zone $50
  • Parking in a yellow curb zone $75
  • Improper display of permit $50
  • Failure to park in marked lines $50
  • Boot removal $25 per day

*Towed at owner’s expense. The vehicle will be towed at the express request of the College.

Campus Safety can be reached 24 hours a day at 937.382.0100.