Quaker Heritage

Wilmington College is a Quaker College, basing its educational tenets on the Judeo-Christian heritage of Western civilization. It believes that every person is first and foremost a spiritual being, that the active pursuit of Truth is a lifelong vocation, and that the development of a strong, personal moral code is equally as important as the development of intellectual skills and knowledge.

It is fundamental to Quakers that each individual life is sacred, that “there is that of God in every person.” This belief in the importance of each individual is practiced by Quakers, giving primary attention to their community and to the rights of their neighbors, and secondary attention to their own rights. Consonant with this belief, Wilmington College students are encouraged and expected to develop a high degree of self-discipline and personal restraint, a respect for the sensitivities of other students, and an active moral compass for their lives. They are further encouraged to become living witnesses to the belief in the divinely instituted fellowship of humankind and to find commitment to purposes larger and more enduring than themselves by their service to a troubled planet and their active concern for a world of peace and freedom.