Wilmington College Mission Statement

The mission of Wilmington College is to educate, inspire and prepare each student for a life of service and success.

To fulfill that mission, Wilmington College provides a high-quality undergraduate and graduate educational environment shaped by the traditions of the liberal arts, career preparation and the distinctive practices of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). By offering academic programs, practical experience, and co-curricular activities in a variety of settings to students from diverse backgrounds, the College leads students to gain an awareness of the world, to acquire knowledge of career and vocation and to seek truth and social justice.

In keeping with the rich heritage of the liberal arts, the College seeks to educate the whole person – intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual – in ways that foster critical thinking, reflection, the free exchange of ideas, open inquiry, respect for all persons and a desire for lifelong learning. The liberal arts are integrated with career preparation to help students develop the knowledge and skills to succeed in a career or further education.

As an academic community, Wilmington College is rooted in historic Quaker values, also known as testimonies, which include integrity, service, stewardship, equality, peace and social justice and respect for all persons. These historic testimonies motivate those who learn and work at the College to make positive contributions to their professions and their communities.

(Approved by the Wilmington College Board of Trustees: April 2015.)

Student Affairs Mission Statement 

The Student Affairs division has two primary missions: first, to support the academic mission of the College by fostering a community atmosphere that cultivates success while offering co-curricular opportunities that complement the classroom. Second, to implement programs to create experiences that promotes student involvement, personal growth and development, and integrity. We embrace the differences that make us individuals while celebrating the traditions that make us a community.

Student Government Association Mission Statement

The SGA Executive Board seeks to promote and defend student welfare, encourage understanding and respect for the Quaker traditions of peace, service, and inner direction, and maximize student involvement by enhancing interactions among all in the College community.