Wilmington College Off-Campus Good Neighbor Policy

The Wilmington College Off-Campus Good Neighbor Policy sets out the expectations for the Greek community from the community/neighbor perspective and provides for consistent application of the City of Wilmington ordinances along with College policy. It is essential that Greek Council and chapter leadership take steps to ensure that the Greek community and its individual members are sensitive to neighborhood issues and concerns, and that community relations and involvement with neighbors continue to be a priority. It is also essential that the College commit itself to maintaining open communication and cooperation with the community. In turn, the community acknowledges that the College and the Greek community are an integral part of the city and can be valuable partners.

All Greek members and their guests are expected to be good neighbors, whether or not they live in or are formally associated with the fraternity/sorority residence. When visiting a residential fraternity or sorority, all members and guests are expected to follow all local, state, and federal laws as well as College policies. Fraternities and sororities are ultimately responsible for the conduct of all of their members and guests while engaged in activities and programs affiliated with their organization.

The following conditions and expectations apply to fraternities/sororities with residences in and around the Wilmington College neighborhood:

  1. Residence use will be operated in a manner that does not create a public or private nuisance.
  2. All Wilmington College Fraternities/Sororities using the site must be recognized by Wilmington College and in good standing as an affiliated fraternity/sorority.
  3. All Wilmington College Fraternities/Sororities using the site are required to be in good standing with Greek Council.
  4. All Wilmington College Fraternities/Sororities are required to maintain quiet hours between 12:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m., Sunday through Thursday, and between 1:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. Friday and Saturday. (Ref. City of Wilmington Planning and Zoning Code Section 1155.037 (a) All business uses shall be conducted within buildings so construction that no noise of any kind produced therein shall be audible beyond the confines of the building. Ord. 3783. Passed 8-7-97.)
  5. All Wilmington College Fraternities/Sororities and members are required to abide by the Wilmington College Student Code of Conduct and the Wilmington College Off-Campus Good Neighbor Policy.
  6. The consumption and use of alcohol while on fraternity/sorority premises shall be in compliance with applicable laws of the State of Ohio, the City of Wilmington, and any applicable rules proscribed by Wilmington College. (Refer to code 509.03 Disorderly Conduct in the City of Wilmington Code).
  7. All Greek organizations that occupy housing will abide by code enforcement regulations, fire regulations, and all other guidelines and requirements set forth by the City of Wilmington.

Fraternities and Sororities will comply with the following Litter, Defacement, and Property Damage Guidelines:

  1. Litter Cleanup
    • Fraternities and sororities shall make special effort to control the litter generated on and from their premises at all times by providing and servicing containers and enforcing regular cleanup and shall clean up the affected area by 10:00 a.m. the morning following a party.
    • Adequate cleanup includes picking up all plastic or paper cups, beverage cans and bottles, and other debris from the gutters, parking lots, sidewalks, and up to ten feet back of the curb where possible. Broken glass must be swept up. Failure to clean up the affected area by the time specified will result in a fine and/or alternative sanction. 
  2. Fraternities and sororities shall not paint or chalk their symbols or Greek letters upon, or otherwise deface public streets or alleys, parking lots, road signs, or other public or private property not owned by the organizations.
  3. If a fraternity or sorority causes property damage, they shall, at the discretion of the property owner, either repair the damage within a reasonable time (normally five days) or provide financial restitution, including a fair charge for labor, to the owner.
  4. All outdoor furnishings must be in compliance with City of Wilmington (Ref. City of Wilmington Planning and Zoning Code Section 1729.02 (a)(1)– (2), which states: “It shall be the duty of the owner(s), lessee(s), agent, tenant or occupant having charge of lots or land located within the City to remove litter placed on such lot(s) or land. Council finds that if such litter is not removed, it constitutes a detriment to public health. For the purpose of this section, “litter” includes any garbage, waste, peelings of vegetables or fruits, rubbish, ashes, cans, bottles, wire, paper, cartons, boxes, parts of automobiles, wagons, furniture, glass, oil of an unsightly or unsanitary nature as determined by the Code Enforcement Official.)
  5. Gatherings of individuals on Greek organization house roofs are prohibited.
  6. Dumpsters must be neat when in public view.
  7. Fraternities and sororities may not use the Wilmington College waste receptacles, and have services arranged with the City of Wilmington for trash/recycling, water and sewer.

The preceding rules and regulations will be enforced by the Wilmington College Greek Council Executive Board. The Council’s Executive Board will follow the following procedures with the parties involved:

  • 1st Offense: Meeting before Greek Council to discuss.
  • 2nd Offense: Greek Judicial Board.
  • 3rd Offense: Wilmington College Judicial Board.