Wilmington College Vision Statement

Wilmington College intends to make significant progress in the next decade toward being a model college that melds the liberal arts and career preparation in order to graduate liberally educated professionals. To move towards this vision, Wilmington will:

  • Integrate career preparation with the traditions and foundational skills of the liberal arts;
  • Challenge students to live the historic Quaker testimonies of integrity, service, peace and social justice, stewardship and respect for all persons and to practice them in their communities, and workplaces;
  • Promote every student's participation in hands-on experiences including internships, community service, and international study programs;
  • Create a caring campus community that embraces civility, respect, and trust; and
  • Demonstrate a commitment to this vision by placing the needs of students at the center of decision-making.

(Approved by the Wilmington College Board of Trustees: April 2015.)